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What is infinity dress gown?
An infinity dress gown(some girls call it multiway dress, wrap dress, twist dress, convertible dress etc) is a dress which is very popular for a party, it is suitable for any occasion, especially for wedding party as a bridesmaid dress, because it can be wrapped into different styles you want, it is adjustable lengths to fit the dress top by the two ties of the dress, it is basically one size fit, one size can fit most of the body shapes of girls from all countries, it is smooth and flattering from top to bottom!

We have two versions:
Option#1, flat front waist and elastic back waist.
Option#2, all front and back waist with elastic set.

Top band: each dress will come with a top band free of charge!
How is the lengths?
This infinity gown dress fits basing on waist measurement and skirt length. We offer different lengths for your selection, so you just check your height from natural waistline to floor with heels/shoes on and when placing order, select the skirt length from the skirt length option box at list buying description page which will be fine. The lengths we are offering basically fit all the heights of different girls from all over the world. On the other hand, if you can not find your size,lengths from our site, you can contact us for custom-made service!
Featured items
O3 light olive infinity dresses
A4 nude pink multiway dress
A3 off white wrap dress gown
41 light polignac convertible dress
V charcoal grey infinity dress
B3 sky blue infinity gown
C brick red infinity bridesmaid dress
A5 light rose purple wedding infinity bridesmaid dress
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